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Sunrise or Sunset

Often  I post links on FB to the articles I publish here.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get 20 likes. If I’m lucky.  So, if ever I feel “liked”  deprived, all I have to do is post a photo of Volver, … Continue reading

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Volver the Cat and Emoticons

Volver is our cat.  We talk to him all the time and he understands us.  When he is scratching the furniture and we say NO, he stops scratching.  When it’s time to eat, we say PAPPA* and he comes running. … Continue reading

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Towards Paros

Finally, Paros! We took a taxi to the airport.  On the way, motorists were honking, zigzagging, driving aggressively. But, when asked, our driver said driving a taxi in Rome didn’t stress him out.  Like Don Ruiz who says “don’t take … Continue reading

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Hide’n Seek

If my cat can’t see me, then he thinks I can’t see him. . . . .

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E-books and cats

Volver, our cat, likes attention and often interrupts whatever I’m doing when he has a Tactile Attack forcing me to take a Kitty Break.  Sometimes I try to ignore him (not easy) especially when I’m reading. Of course, we all … Continue reading

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