The Pope and the Martians

Just up until recently, people who talked about the presence of aliens were considered a bit wacko. But, for some unknown reason, now it’s quite trendy to say “Well maybe life on other planets does exist” and that we should prepare for an alien contact.

The Pope Baptizing Martians

Pope Francis, who continues to surprise us all, said that he would be willing to baptize even Martians if they were to arrive at the Vatican.

The Vatican has not always been open to new ideas. Take, for example, Galileo, when he revealed that the planet Earth was not the center of the universe.

Galileo and the Stars

Thanks to a telescope and constant observation, Galileo discovered that the Earth did not stand still but, instead, evolved around the sun. The Catholic Church could not tolerate a theory  where man and the Earth were not the center of everything.  So Galileo was denounced as dangerous to the faith and the Inquisition sentenced him to permanent house arrest.

In 1979, Pope John Paul II had to admit that Galileo had been right. Maybe that’s why Pope Francis, to avoid another “brutta figura”, has expressed his willingness to baptize Martians.  But will they want to be baptized?





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3 Responses to The Pope and the Martians

  1. Jo says:

    The Vatican has one of the best observatories and scientific labs in the world. Pope Francis loves to drop in their and relax with researchers and chat because science is his qualification. The lab is not sponsored by any commercial enterprise but is truly on a quest for knowledge. On another note the gene map of octopuses has recently been done and they are not similar to any earthly creature. They may in fact be aliens.

    • Thanks Jo…..didn’t know about the Pope’s passion for astronomy.Must say, this Pope seems to be very different from the others.I saw something about the octopus gene . Infact,would like to do a drawing about it. And I see that you are artistically very animated lately!!!!

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