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Vis-à-vis With God

God is not a weapon. God is not a sword to be welded against another child of God. God is not personal property. He does not exclusively belong to you or to anyone else. You are not God’s press agent … Continue reading

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The Pope and Kim

This past year, Pope Francis has pleasantly surprised many of us.  I was especially pleased with this year’s encyclical as it focused on the environment (see my related post HERE).  And on the Pope’s recent trip to the U.S., he … Continue reading

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The Pope and the Martians

Just up until recently, people who talked about the presence of aliens were considered a bit wacko. But, for some unknown reason, now it’s quite trendy to say “Well maybe life on other planets does exist” and that we should … Continue reading

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Jammin’ with the Pope, an unexpected harmony

Today is my blog’s 12th birthday.  I started ART FOR HOUSEWIVES after reading “The Scientific Warning” of 1992.  Spooky stuff.  It starts out like this: Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course. Human activities inflict harsh … Continue reading

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