Mick , Marianne and the UFO

Mick, Marianne and the UFO

The Somerset town of Glastonbury has something mysterious about it.  There is much mythology surrounding it such as that it’s where King Arthur and Lady Guinevere are buried. And some believe that Jesus was brought here as a youth by his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea.  But probably the most impressive myth is that the Tor of Glastonbury is a portal to another dimension and thus a hive of alien activity goes on here.

In 1968, long before Glastonbury was famous for its music festivals, Mick Jagger and his girlfriend, Marianne Faithful, decided it would be a great place for camping.  But, instead of a romantic evening alone, a huge UFO started hovering over their tent that left them slightly traumatized.  Then the following year, during the tragic Altamont concert, Mick saw anther UFO while performing.  Fearing that he was being stalked by the aliens, he had a UFO detector installed at his countryside home in England. Strangely enough, every time Mick left his home, the alarm went off indicating that the area was full of electromagnetic energy.  Alien groupies?

Now if you are wondering what a UFO detector is, it’s a device used to reveal magnetic anomalies.  If you are plagued by aliens trying to abduct you, you can download a software to your computer that will help you discover whether or not  you’re in danger of alien abduction.  You can also buy a UFO detector on Amazon for less than $100!



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