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Mick the Martian

This morning I woke up determined to be faithful to my general  fitness program which includes raising my  vibratory level.  So, like an amateur Dervish dancer, I did the twirling around as describe in the  Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation … Continue reading

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Mick , Marianne and the UFO

The Somerset town of Glastonbury has something mysterious about it.  There is much mythology surrounding it such as that it’s where King Arthur and Lady Guinevere are buried. And some believe that Jesus was brought here as a youth by … Continue reading

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Learning how to surf the waves of time

Growing old–it’s mandatory if you want to stay alive.  Some people do it with more style than others. Here are a couple of examples to take into consideration.  The first is that of Mick Jagger singing No Expectations. The song was … Continue reading

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Mick Jagger’s Throat Chakra

 Muy Marcottage dress “Jerry Hall & I” via M’Arte: Jerry Hall and I have 3 things in common including our fondness for the poetry of Wendy Cope. One cold February night, I became a Born Again Rolling Stones Fan. Alone … Continue reading

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