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Tesla and the Vedas

Nikola Tesla’s ideas and inventions were so revolutionary that there are those who suspect his ideas came from extraterrestrials. Tesla was born in the Balkans during a night bombarded by thunder. His brother tragically died when he was seven. The … Continue reading

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OM chanting produces primordial vibrations that massage us inside provoking positive effects. When your heart is unhappy, say OM OM OM until the sadness goes away. However beware—it may take a few hours!

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Color Vibration

Color has frequency and frequency has vibration. I like color because it moves. Before After Above are fotos of La Sussurrata, our home on Paros. The top, when we first got it. The bottom, a few months later. As you … Continue reading

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The Power of Sound and Janet Cooper

When my wonderful friend Janet Cooper was recently in Rome, she gave me the book The Power of Sound. Janet and I both share an interest in self-healing via sound, vibration, frequency and dance.   Janet at my studio wearing a Muy … Continue reading

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