Insect Repellent

Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis was published in 1915.  It’s  the story of Gregor Samsa who wakes up one morning and realizes he’s become a giant insect.  Before being a bug, Gregor provided for his family by working as a traveling salesman. Unable to work now, Gregor’s  famiy now sees him as a burden.

Gregor, now an insect, can no longer speak.  Unable to express himself, his way of thinking changes.  Realizing that he is unwanted, Gregor dies.  Kafka doesn’t explain what was the cause of this metamorphosis, but the reason why seems fairly obvious.  Gregor hated his life because it made him feel like he was worth little more than an insect.  So he was.

Your thoughts determine the life you have. Therefore, before turning into a giant bug myself, I’m going to initiate some  intentional transformations and will myself into being what I want to be—like being happy. More than something magical, often happiness is just a result of practicing the right kinds of habits. The standard blueprint towards any self-imposed transformation takes energy. And to have energy, one needs exercise, diet and enough sleep. Plus dancing daily helps, too!




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