Critique Sheet #2

La Sussurrata Terrace

Identification of the Moment: Morning view from bathroom window, La Sussurrata, May 2017

Description: A colored foto showing a bougainvillea and a naked pergola. The purple flowers dominate the picture.

Analysis: the picture was taken from inside a window.  However, there is another “frame” created by the walls, pergola and tree trunk. There is really no focal point unless you focus on the opening in the middle that is the point of departure for some radial symmetry.

La Sussurrata Terrace

Interpretation: we could say that this image is about furnishing the frame. About A Room With A View.

The view from a window can influence our mood. Because what’s outside the window is a promise of how we can interact with the world around us. And starting the day with the view above can only produce positive expectations.

Conclusion: the frame is a container waiting for you to decide if you’re are going to live inside or outside of it.


For an example of radial symmetry in a painting, see Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Deutsch: Nollendorfplatz 

And many thanks to EVERLASTING BLORT for having named me Blort Site of the Day!

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  1. Thanks for verbalizing the visual experience. Your blog is so helpful to me in my personal mission to really see what is in front of me.

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