November 18

Duilio Cambellotti, LA FALSA CIVILTÀ

“La falsa civiltà” di Duilio Cambellotti


Sanpietrini via Tagliamento

Pope Sixtus V almost fell out of his carriage because the road was so bad.  He decided that the streets of Rome needed to be paved. Thus the production of stone cubes to be used as cobblestones.  They were named sanpietrini in honor of San Pietro, the head of the church whose name means stone.

But to pave a road meant to cover the earth. Artist and designer Duilio Cambellotti was not particularly fond of them. He sustained the requalification of the “Agro Romano”, the name for the countryside surrounding Rome. Earth needs to be naked, he believed, otherwise how can anything grow.



Related:   Duilio Cambellotti (1876-1960)…  Duilio Cambellotti Archivio +  Museo Duilio Cambellotti Latina + Cambellotti’s childhood hood on via Filippi facing Piazza della Chiesa Nuova (rione Parione). In 1926 he created a home studio at Piazza Perin del Varga 4 (Flaminio)

where to find decoration by Cambellotti in Rome

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