November 19

Women and Windows

Woman at the Window

Woman at the Window, Street Art, San Lorenzo, Rome

Why are there so many paintings by male artists depicting women at a window?

The window defines an ambiguous space….that existing in between here and there.

Some voyeurs look inside, others look out…the art of watching.


Related: Pablo Picasso’s Woman at the Window, 1952 + Woman at a Window, Caspar David Friedrich, 1822 + Girl at Window by Rembrandt  1645 + Girl at Window, Salvador Dali 1925 + Waiting at the window, Matisse + Young Woman Before the Window, Pierre Bonnard, 1898 + Finding Refuge in Wyeth’s Windows + The Window, Edouard Vuillard + woman at a window, Eleven A.M., 1926 by Edward Hopper + Degas’s Woman at the Window (1871) + Camille Monet at the Window Argentuile, Claude Monet, 1873 + The Art of Watching. The literary Motif of the Window and its Potential for Metafiction in contemporary Literature by Gianna Zocco +

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