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4 November

We wanted to take a walk this morning. Just around the neighborhood. But enough of a walk to stretch our legs, break the routine of being indoors, and update ourselves on what was going on around us. Unfortunately, the sky … Continue reading

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Every day we shed dead skin and make dust.  As with snakes, old skin must be eliminated to make room for the new. And the longer one lives, the more renewals are necessary.  Stagnation is static whereas life is motion.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes we believe something to be true when it’s not.  Like that the earth is flat.  Then paradigms shift and so do beliefs. Sometimes change requires a quantum jump! . .  

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Self-hypnosis for Martians

Sometimes we need to make changes within but our material self is rigid and blocks our flow.  To shift our focus, we can try using self-hypnosis to modify and change behaviors and attitudes. Hypnosis seeks to reprogram the subconscious.  One … Continue reading

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one step at a time

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