On, Off, and On Again

During the Total Lockdown, I reached a point of saturation with the television and all the COVID-19 apocalyptic news. So I just turned it off and, instead, used my time for reading, drawing, writing, and working on my balcony garden. It helped. Unfortunately, there’s now new news that’s bad news, too.

On Off

What I see going on in the U.S., my mother country, overwhelms me. It is radically shocking as it violates those Standards of Democracy I was raised to believe that the United States of America represented. Of course I knew that that the U.S. was not perfect but at least it practiced a minimum of decorum. But now decorum, as well as dignity, is dead.

I would like to react to all this is a healthy way. But for the moment, I’m flooded by sadness. So, for the moment, I will just have another glass of wine then go for a nap.



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2 Responses to On, Off, and On Again

  1. Philippe Maujard says:

    This is very sad indeed. There’re a lot of good people in the USA, but racism and poverty has always been there. I just hope that Trump won’t profit of the actual situation to become what he always had dreamed of ; bring the army in the streets, changing the constitution to be like his friend Poutine, president for life. I’m sure the american people would resist of course but it means civil war. I think in the future some states would maybe ask for their independance (for ex California, even Texas ! wealthy enough to live on their own economic power) meaning the end of the United States… History on its way… (Maybe that’s also a reason why US people are so attached to keep their guns, a lot of them never completely trust the federal gov…It’s sad to say but maybe they’re right) future will tell ; yes better drink a good glass of wine…

  2. Yes, Philippe, it is overwhelmingly sad. The USA is undergoing a major transformation….

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