My Friendly Neighborhood Wine Shop

Today, after 10 weeks, Total Lockdown has ended in Italy and Phase 2 has begun. Many commercial activities will be opening up again although with severe social distancing restrictions. And the wearing of masks is still a must. But the biggest change is that people can now visit relatives and friends.

During the lockdown, my only contact with others came from my periodic visits to the shops. And the most socializing I did was with the owners of the wine shop across the street. Paolo and Roberto are always in a good mood and ready to make jokes. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the laughs they gave me during the lockdown. Mille grazie!

The wine shop, Torrefazione Enoteca Giovanni De Sanctis, is a family business that’s been around for over 70 years. And the interior is basically the same as it was when it opened. Below are photos of the shop—it looks like something from a movie set.

The term “torrefazione” means “roasting” as once it was normal to buy coffee beans that had been roasted then freshly grounded. Sometimes the smell of the roasting beans makes its way inside my window and gives me a thrill.

Torrefazione Enoteca Giovanni De Sanctis

Torrefazione Enoteca Giovanni De Sanctis

Torrefazione Enoteca Giovanni De Sanctis

Torrefazione Enoteca Giovanni De Sanctis


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