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Thoughts and Prayers

The increasing lack of compassion for our fellowman is heartbreaking. And as for all those self- proclaimed Christians who insist on using the name of God as some sort of personal brand, I suggest they take time out and really … Continue reading

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A God for Everyone

Soot was the problem. It covered the Sistine Chapel’s affrescoes making the colors gloomy and obscuring the details. So in the early 1990s, the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel were subjected to various restorations. After hearing that the colors were … Continue reading

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The Twisted Tignon

Between the 1620s and the 1840s, more than one million Africans were trafficked from Africa to the Caribbean to be used as slaves in American colonies. The Portuguese, the Brits, and the French were the largest slave traders. Africans were … Continue reading

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The White Doll

Ladies, what the hell is going on in the U.S.A.? Although I’ve lived most of my life in Italy, I was born and raised in the U.S. where I was taught how lucky one was to be an American because … Continue reading

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Dorothy Parker’s Cup of Tea   

During the spring, when sitting outside, I like to watch the bees buzz from one flower to another. Everything is calm and silent save for their humming. So I watch them flit from one flower to another until I’m dizzy … Continue reading

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