Spoglia at Trastevere

“Spoglia”* from the Latin “spoils” is the repurposing of architectural elements. And Rome is full of them.

Here is a small house that looks as if it’s been “excavated” from a wall at Trastevere.

Next to a column inserted in the wall is a small marble plaque that reads “Casa di Belardino Ercoli, libera di canone, anno 1838”.


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  • “spolia” is sometimes written as “spoglia”

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5 Responses to Spoglia at Trastevere

  1. Yvonne says:

    Just wonderful, thank you.

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  3. zuzu23997 says:

    This looks wonderful! Such a delicate column! Do you have the via, by any chance, where it is situated? I would love to visit and see it in life!
    Thank you for the wonderful publication 🙂

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