Pretty Memories & Kalo Mina*

These past two years have been heavy duty and it looks like things are going to get even heavier. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all that’s happening and to feel insecure and even afraid. My mom, whenever I would express fears regarding the future, would tell me “Don’t even let your mind take you there.” Experience had taught her that thinking negative thoughts was the same as opening a portal that, once opened, was difficult to shut again.

Negative Thoughts have a tendency to go into loop and establish themselves so firmly in one’s mind that they suffocate everything around them. Like kudzu, that invasive plant imported from Asia that is so invasive it smothers the world around it.

So, to avoid having my mind smothered by mental kudzu, I’m making a “Pretty Memories” Catalogue by printing photos that will help me focus on all of the wonderful memories life has blessed me with. So now, whenever I’m feeling down, all I have to do is take a stroll in my Pretty Memories Catalogue and give my thoughts an alternative direction.


* “Kalo Mina” means “Good Month” in Greek and is a phrase commonly said on the first day of the month.

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