Reconfiguration Revival

Three years ago I started my Age of Reconfiguration Project (aka Cool Breeze). I’d finished the entire draft in Greece and proudly hand carried it back to Rome eager to finish it. But Covid-19 stopped that as focusing on anything other than the killer virus was difficult.  Unfortunately, a personal family drama also dominated my thoughts and my Reconfiguration Project was left to collect dust. But, considering current events, maybe now is the right time to revive it.


Today is my 65th birthday and I’m officially old.

Looking back I see that the first years of my life thrived on expansion.  I was hungry for stimulation and new experiences that made my dendrites grow. But now, at 65, I need to be pruned.

This is my last chance to be what I’ve always wanted to be.  So, for my birthday, I’ve made myself a promise that the last years of my life will be the best.  This means making a few changes.

For years we had a table on our back veranda that we never used. Then one morning we moved it to the terrace and now use it all the time. A simple rearrangement transformed something useless into something useful. Strange as it may seem, the table helped me understand that, at 65, all I need is a little reconfiguration to give my life a new meaning.

On this quest I’ll be traveling with Luz Corazzini, who, being a fictitious character, can travel through time and space and meet people and see places I can’t. She’s teaching me to play because playing helps keep me animated and optimistic. Playing keeps me young inside.

So let’s go cut the cake!

(from Cool Breeze, aka The Age of Reconfiguration ©)

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3 Responses to Reconfiguration Revival

  1. Yvonne says:

    I do like this idea!

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