Angeliki’s Apricots

There are many things I will remember about my summer here on Paros this year. Like the apricots from Angeliki’s garden. And the tablecloth made from the countless fabric remnants that Alexandra has given me.

This foto does not represent just a bowl of fruit on a table. For me it represents the beauty of sharing. A sharing that is not boisterous but discreet. A sharing, that in the moment of exchange, creates a bond. A sharing of small things that makes life bigger. A sharing that lets you know that someone has thought about you and, in doing so, made you feel a part of their life.

And knowing all this makes me feel grateful and what is gratitude if not a form of happiness.

Today I am happy.


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2 Responses to Angeliki’s Apricots

  1. Yvonne says:

    I hope they taste as tempting as they look!

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