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Janan’s Handkerchief

  (to be continued…from STORYBOOK ©… The Catalogue) -30-

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Horseriding Books

The Depression left some areas in the U.S. more devastated than others. Lorena Hickcock, journalist and intimate friends with Eleanor Roosevelt, travelled to the Appalachia and witnessed the desperation and the struggle for survival. Eleanor, who felt education was a … Continue reading

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Moura Budberg

This blog focuses on women and promotes female solidarity. To better understand our role as women today, it helps to better understand our past. In a patriarchal society, history is written by men. Thus the way women are remembered and … Continue reading

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The Bluest Eye

Toni Morrison’s THE BLUEST EYE, although beautifully written, is a difficult book to read. Its topics of racism, incest, and child molestation keep the stomach in knots. Thus, despite the magnificent prose, there can be nothing poetic about the horrors … Continue reading

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Katherine Anne Porter

Katherine Anne Porter was born in Texas in 1890. Her mother died when she was just a child and her father, overwhelmed, dumped his daughter on relatives. So it’s not surprising that Katherine did her best to run away from … Continue reading

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