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On, Off, and On Again

During the Total Lockdown, I reached a point of saturation with the television and all the COVID-19 apocalyptic news. So I just turned it off and, instead, used my time for reading, drawing, writing, and working on my balcony garden. … Continue reading

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The greed of others is going to kill us all.

The other day I posted about coronavirus test kits being sent from Italy to the U.S.  It seemed strange considering that we need them here. Yesterday in La Repubblica, one of Italy’s main newspapers, an article was published  regarding the … Continue reading

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Miss Marple, My Favorite Profiler

During the 1970s, the FBI used much tax payer money to create their Behavioural Science Unit in Quantico, Virginia. Not only many books have been written about criminal profiling but the TV and film industry has made a huge profit … Continue reading

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About Eleanor Roosevelt

“Eleanor and Hick: The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady” by Susan Quinn. This book describes the relationship that Eleanor Roosevelt had with the journalist Lorena Hickok. It’s a story about sharing. And about the need to be loved. … Continue reading

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Lynching Postcards

Make the world a better place…help someone love themselves. -30-   Related: The Life of Toni Morrison documentary (2015) youtube video + Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit + Lyrics and story behind Strange Fruit + NSFW: AMERICAN TERRORISM… LYNCHING POSTCARDS  +America’s … Continue reading

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