La Sussurrata

το σπίτι μας

Home is where the heart is and my heart is here.

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Fisherman’s Sunset

This is the little wall where we sit to watch the sunset. I don’t know who put the slabs of marble there but it does give a poetic touch.

There was a man standing on a rock fishing. I was afraid he would fall. But seems he knew a lot about balance.

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Another day, another sunset

Thank you Petra and Terrance!

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Sunset Walks

The sunsets come earlier this time of the year. No more sunset apertifs. Just sunset walks. We walk past Pandrossos and sit on the wall. And stay even after the sun goes down. There’s the sky that glows and the water that shimmers and shimmies.

No two sunsets are ever the same. Like people…nuances make us all unique.

I love to watch the ferries come in with all the lights on. The contrast of light and dark makes me shiver inside. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. All I know is that they make me “feel therefore I am”.

The two of us sit together just looking at the sea and the sunset painted sky. Although wordless, just being there together is a dialogue. All I want is that “Be here now” will last forever.

Was it Nikos Kazantzakis who, in Zorba the Greek, wrote about living the moment? How, for example, when drinking a cup of coffee, you must simply drink the coffee and basta? No wandering thoughts, no selfies, no divorcing yourself from the moment you are experiencing. Just “Be here now”. “Ouch” I say to myself. How much of my life have I wasted trying to be there when being here was the place to be? How much of my life have I wasted trying to look out of someone else’s window instead of my own?

Tonight I have no answers, just questions.



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Balcony Vineyard

Grapevines are so magical. They give you shade and food and beauty. And wine. For many years I lived in Tuscany where I was told grapes needed to be planted in the earth and not in a pot if you expected any fruit. We don’t have any land but I wanted a grapevine so badly that I had a hole made in our concrete covered parking space just to plant a vine in the earth. And now, after several years, we have this, a balcony vineyard.

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to come in the spring and when we finally arrived in the latter part of August, we found our vine loaded with fruit…more than we were able to eat. So some clusters were given away to neighbors and some I sundried on the roof to make raisins as the grapes are seedless. One night it rained (it takes days for them to dry out) and the grapes got wet so I finished drying them in the oven and it worked out quite well.

When we arrived on Paros, our neighbor gave us a jar of grape spoon sweets (stafyli gliko) that she’d made. Normally spoon sweets are used as a topping for yogurt. I found a recipe to try HERE. And because we have so many grapes, I’ve tried finding different ways of using them such as making smoothies with grapes and figs (from our neighbors). Delicious!

Even though it’s not the right month to prune, I started trimming what I could because grapes were falling everywhere. I will take a few cuttings to Rome to plant on my balcony. From THIS link, it seems as if grapes can be grown in pots but, obviously, produce only a cluster or two of grapes.

Our neighbor makes his own wine. To make sweet wine, the grapes are left out in the sun for ten days. See THIS for more info.

Seedless green grapes are good for your health. The antioxidants in them absorb the bad and increase the good cholesterol. The potassium in them helps lower blood-pressure and the skins are anti-inflammatory meaning they help fight cancer. Grapes contain calcium, magnesium as well as many other essential minerals. And the melatonin in grapes helps fight insomnia. (I am not a doctor and can only retell info I’ve read.)

Grape related recipes: How to Roast Grapes (And What to Do With Them) + 18 Unconventional Grape Recipes + 5 MINUTE GRAPE SORBET + Grape Salsa + Fresh Red Grape Cake + Grape Salad


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