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The Smell of Chanel

The Twenties were roaring and I was in Paris. Autumn leaves paved the boulevards and the crackle they made when walked upon sent vibrations up my spine. I wanted to move and resonant with the world. And I wasn’t the … Continue reading

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It was 1926 and in Paris the autumn leaves were falling. For our weekend rendezvous, Hugh and I went to the Folies Bergère to see Josephine Baker dancing in her banana skirt. While she was naughtily dancing with her shadow, … Continue reading

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TEXT: It was a lovely October morning and I was rubbing tombstones at Campo Cestio. The textures that were surfacing were so exciting that I didn’t mind being covered with graphite. I was lost in my own world until I … Continue reading

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Reconfiguration Revival

Three years ago I started my Age of Reconfiguration Project (aka Cool Breeze). I’d finished the entire draft in Greece and proudly hand carried it back to Rome eager to finish it. But Covid-19 stopped that as focusing on anything … Continue reading

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A Breeze is a Gift

The Heatwave…a preparation for the hell to come? I don’t know. The air has been so still. So unnaturally still. It has frightened me and given my insecurities the power to reign my psyche. But then, the Day of the … Continue reading

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