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We Are the Stories We Tell

Domodedevo is a small town south of Moscow. Located on a large plain, it is flat and monotonous. During the winter Domodedevo is cold and snowy whereas during the summer it’s hot and humid. Although known for its large warehouse … Continue reading

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Dancing in Finland

Knowing how to interact with the world around you is essential for one’s well-being. It is a knowledge of particular importance when dealing with conflict. Unfortunately, it seems many people are addicted to conflict and feel that the only way … Continue reading

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Alternative Thinking

This morning I told my goldfish “it’s all relative.” He’d been looking out the window and saw the sea. “I could be there instead of here”, he’d said to himself wistfully. Reading his thoughts I said “or, instead, you could … Continue reading

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Change the World by Reading

The list of books below is quite long. However, I’m using this page as a “bookmark” for myself. To avoid buying books and to avoid using Amazon, I took the books listed on my Amazon Wishlist  and searched for them … Continue reading

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Kalo Taxidi

My Zen teacher and friend is leaving Paros tonight.  I will miss her.  A lot. Kalo taxidi, Connie!

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