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The Sacredness of Everyday Life

Every morning I sit on our terrace and just look at the plants and the bees and the butterflies that visit them. Save for the purrs of Volver, our cat, there is silence. The crisp air on my skin feels … Continue reading

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My Favorite Place

La Sussurrata Terrace, Paros More than a Room of One’s Own, it’s magical to have a terrace of one’s own. Because here you can have contact with nature while staying at home. Our terrace on Paros is where I am … Continue reading

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Little Painting No. 5

A home keeps you warm inside and that’s why it’s a hearth. I have many pillows on our καναπές so I can sit and snuggle with Volver our cat. From here I can see outside the door with its blue … Continue reading

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Little Painting No. 4

This is the Big Bed at La Sussurrata, our home on Paros. The sheets are old and worn and would have many stories to tell if they were to speak. The mended pillow cases have absorbed our night-time dreams but … Continue reading

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Little Painting No. 3

Our front porch is a window that faces the outside world. We often eat there in the spring and say “Kalimera” to our neighbours when they pass by. We have big pots where we grow bell peppers, geraniums, and cacti … Continue reading

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