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Pruning…once again

We are busy trimming our bougainvillea so that its energy will move forward and, with time, wrap itself around our terrace. I have created a little window so that I can watch as my neighbor’s apricot tree makes its fruit that … Continue reading

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I collect clippings.  Some are from my neighbors but most are secretly stolen from plants I see when taking walks….SNIP SNIP SNIP.  Maybe it is A Very Naughty Thing to do.  But I prefer to see it as a way … Continue reading

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Umwelt and Ecofeminism

“Umwelt” in German means “environment”. It is a word and a theory. Jakob von Uexküll (1864-1944) was a German biologist who believed that even though we share the same space, we do not share it in the same way. He … Continue reading

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