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Diana Vreeland’s Travelling Eye

Time moves faster in New York City. Surrounded by masses of bodies always in a rush makes me claustrophobic.  So, for relief, I stretch my neck to look up as if the sky were the Sistine Chapel ceiling. NYC is … Continue reading

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Why do people behave the way they do? Could it be that their Weltanschauung needs restyling? Weltanschauung, minimally speaking,is one’s interpretation of life based on their own personal experiences and the perception of these experiences. I only know about this … Continue reading

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My body is in Rome but my mind is in Paris

What’s missing in my life? A foto of myself with an Eiffel tower background.  It’s not that I’ve never been to Paris it’s that I’ve been to Paris and haven’t had myself photographed with the tower. What was I thinking … Continue reading

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