My son gave me the book LOW COST DESIGN  by Daniele Pario Perra. Intervista a Daniele Pario Perra + Daniele Pario Perra | Low cost design: This volume is founded on a principle upheld by leading designers: the best project is not necessarily the one that is patented, that is created by architectural firms or at the computer by leading companies, but rather the one that springs from the simplicity of daily life. Starting from this concept Daniele Pario Perra presents here the results of a vast research project carried out between Northern Europe and the Southern Mediterranean, in the course of which he documented thousands of examples of spontaneous creativity, creating a visual dictionary that strikes a constant balance between “poetic skill” and “technological skill”. The book at Amazon.

PhotobucketRecycled cheese grater jewelry stand

Top 9 Ways To Reuse, Recycle Cheese Graters + Vintage Cheese Grater Wind Chimes  + Great to be Green, grater as light fixture + The people over at Relique have a real knack for taking old, battered objects and making them, well, new and beautiful. How to recycle old cheese graters.

Inspirations for my Bedroom, scroll down for recycled graters + Cheese Grater into a Photo Frame + Rustic Living + THINKING OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE + Cheese Grater Lamp + How can I reuse or recycle a rusty cheese grater? Clocks from recycled objects.

PhotobucketDIY : Cheese grater pencil holder

And she has invented a betel nut (pinang) grater to help her with her betel chewing. Grating nutmeg + Homemade Grater.

Garlic gratersgarlic grater giveaway! + Ceramic Graters.

Repair is the new Recycle.

Bottega delle mani.

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10 Responses to Grater

  1. jafabrit says:

    I love seeing things recycled, and this is just FAB.

  2. Maisy Hickman says:

    Hi,I love looking at your work and I think your grating idea is grate.

  3. eyesnacks says:

    this is a nice idea?

  4. eyesnacks says:

    oh, i see I wrote it not good…it has to be this is a nice idea ! (what a difference :-0)

  5. That’s awesome! I will get a closer look to this book very soon…

  6. gr8 recycling trick! Fab idea…

  7. Cheoy Lee says:

    This is SUCH an innovative idea, well done!

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