Playing follow the leader with needle and thread

arimoto yumiko embroidery, via delicate stories, Arimoto Yumiko

YOU WILL LIKE THIS! More Yumiko, Dinner made to measure + Atelier: Yumiko Arimoto.

Ursula Rauch + Masculin, Féminin + Inge Jacobsen: cross-stitched vogue covers + Plastic Bag Embroidery, In Defense of Bamboo Fabric + Daily Discards Peg Grady’s Embroidery Series + Everso Baby Bloomers.

SATI ZECH EMBROIDERY, VIA Sati Zech (German, b. 1958)

Bulgarian embroidery + Ana Botezatu + Louise Saxton + Recycled crewel brooches! + Freeform embroidery on a recycled metal pinback button + L’Angelus, ricamato/Old French embroidery + Embroidered Rocks??? + Embroidered Classics.

embroideried chair, via

All the luck in the world’s after and before

Other stitching: relaimed postal bags + Rugs, Knits and Stitches.

Reconstructed fashion: shape and cut, amazingly structured clothes.

Stitching cafes are cropping up everywhere:  RAY STITCH + A stitch in tea-time! Thanks to the growing make-do-and-mend trend, the sewing café arrives in Britain + Sewing Café London  The Latest Craze + The Make Lounge + Sewing café opens in Paris.

Dr Neal's Exhibition Work, via Neal’s Exhibition Work

Other: Hillery Rebeka Sproatt sketchbooks + memory jug blog.

easy electic hall eclectic hallEclectic hall design using shoe box tops covered with fabric to adorn a wall

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6 Responses to Playing follow the leader with needle and thread

  1. Martine Bos says:

    thanks for showing these gorgious works………….

  2. Hi Cynthia,
    I’m so happy to have found your blog again! Your finds are spectacular and gives me worldly inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your delightful vision. ~Robin

  3. very interesting and really awesome i love this.

  4. very interesting and really awesome

  5. José Moreira says:

    Hi there! Just discovered your blog and I love it. I like everything in this blog. Really nice projects and amazing photos. These projects just remember me a brand that I discovered the other day. You can take a look at Thanks and keep up the good work!

  6. Ryan Hoody says:

    Those are some great looking pieces. I tend to avoid too much though, for the sake of my fingers. I have yet to find thimbles that fit my tips easily and comfortably. I really enjoy the chair! Thanks for the post,


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