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Looking for the poetics in everyday life

This morning I woke up with the desire for poetry, with the desire to poeticize my world. I am tired of the dreariness and sense of oppression that this economic crisis has subjected us to. I am tired of turning … Continue reading

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The needlework of Kagoshima City’s Nui Project

SHOBU, Fascinated by the creative attitude overflowing sensibility of people with disabilities in school solar Iris Society social welfare corporation is engaged in creative activities focusing on contemporary art, music, crafts and art The needlework of Kagoshima City’s Nui Project, an … Continue reading

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Paint By Numbers and Muy Marcottage.

  The artist Carine Légeret is modelling “Paint By Numbers,” a Muy Marcottage dress. This dress was made from secondhand clothing found at the San Lorenzo outdoor market in Rome. The top part was a boring white summer dress that … Continue reading

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Playing follow the leader with needle and thread

Embroidering delicate stories, Arimoto Yumiko YOU WILL LIKE THIS! More Yumiko, Dinner made to measure + Atelier: Yumiko Arimoto. Ursula Rauch + Masculin, Féminin + Inge Jacobsen: cross-stitched vogue covers + Plastic Bag Embroidery, In Defense of Bamboo Fabric + … Continue reading

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