The needlework of Kagoshima City’s Nui Project

SHOBUFascinated by the creative attitude overflowing sensibility of people with disabilities in school solar Iris Society social welfare corporation is engaged in creative activities focusing on contemporary art, music, crafts and art

The needlework of Kagoshima City’s Nui Project, an embroidery workshop for the mentally disabled, uncloaks souls whose workings are little understood.

Fibre with a Difference: Nui Project

Nui Project

Informal pictures from a show earlier this month of shirts from the Nui Project at Gallery Gallery, Kyoto Japan + Another embroidered shirt + Detail of embroidered shirt + Nui Project website (in Japanese).

Mental illness:

Cloth embroidered by a schizophrenia patient found at How to Deal with a Mentally Ill Person: Setting Boundaries


Existential doily (by Stitch Therapy) found at The Hand Embroidery Network the only official blog of the Hand Embroidery Network Community, a place to promote, share and enjoy the world of hand embroidery.

More from stitch therapy + an embroidered hole.

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6 Responses to The needlework of Kagoshima City’s Nui Project

  1. Martine says:

    I really like this Nui projekt………….

  2. Lorie McCown says:

    really a great project, and I love the results as well..

  3. Wonderful and beautiful and inspiring and helpful and loving and lovely and honest and truthful and brave.

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