Mend & Repair

In the past 100 years, the world population has quadrupled. This means we have more and more people using our limited natural resources.  So it’s only logical that we try to repair what we have instead of throwing things away.

But there is also The Aesthetics of The Mended. Reparations can turn something insignificant into something sublime.

Worcester porcelain plate, c.1770 + Past Imperfect, The Art of Inventive Repair is a blog focusing on “Antiques with inventive repairs (also known as “make-do” repairs) are unique examples of necessity and thrift, made during a time before Krazy Glue was invented”.

More:  You can hardly see the mend.

The mended mat shown here was found with a marriage contract for the remarriage of a poor couple.

Kintsugi: Mending the Broken Plate

Flickwerk The Aesthetics of Mended Japanese Ceramics pdf.
Remarkable Repairs.

A medieval book mended with silk thread via SHELF FULFILLMENT

A repaired book. is a crafty, green, informative and design website, trying to tackle the problems arising out of the commercial direction of the fashion industry.


Reclaimed Pillowcases + Simple Fixes and Mending Techniques + How to Fix a Hole in Jeans + MENDING.

Darn It!, how to mend a sock

Chairs: Hybrid Heirloom: Wood & Plastic Fused to Fix a Family Chair + Skateboard chair + Reused Bicycle Inner Tubes Woven into Cool Recycled Bedframe Bench.

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