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The Cinta Wrap

Originally posted on Trama Textiles Blog:
Our fabulous product designer Tara Whalley gives a step-by-step guide to rocking the Cinta wrap – a fresh take on a classic Guatemalan style! Wraps will be available on our Etsy site soon! Photos…

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How to make your own flouride free toothpaste

 Καλό μήνα! Natural cosmetics and home remedies have become very fashionable on internet. I’m a believer (see for example my post on aloe vera) and try many of them. So when recipes for homemade toothpaste started surfacing, I checked them … Continue reading

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Tutorial: how to make curtains from plastic bags

Below is the entrance to our house here on Paros. We’ve given it the name La Sussurrata – in Agatha Christie books, houses always seem to have a name so I decided our house needed a name, too. “Sussurrare” means, in … Continue reading

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Orange Peels and Mosquitoes

«If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito».  Dalai Lama This year the mosquitoes on Paros seem to be particularly huge and animated.  I was told it’s because, due to lack of … Continue reading

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Earrings for Paul McCartney’s ears

If you were listening to the radio while in New York October of 1969, you might have heard someone named “Tom” call in claiming that the real Paul McCartney was dead. As proof of Paul’s death,  “Tom” cited hidden clues … Continue reading

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