Cleopatra and Aloe Vera

My mom used to keep a pot of aloe vera on the front porch. It was there in case of burns generally related to cooking accidents. I have already written about aloe but am doing so again because of its importance.

Experiment for the month:  wash my face and hair primarily with aloe vera (aloe can make alot of lather!)  For the face, some olive oil especially around the eyes.  And since my hair is so fine, a rinse with white vinegar.

washclothface cloth–cut up wash cloth to use in  place of cotton balls

Aloe is a healing plant with so much to offer. It can be used for cuts, insect bites and damaged skin tissues (aloe vera seemingly is the only thing known to heal atomic burns) because aloe produces fibroblast cells that manufacture collagen. Aloe vera can also be used internally (try putting it in a smoothie). So many commercial products are now using this plant but its power has been known for at least 4,000 years. The Bible refers to aloe calling it the “bitter herb.” Marco Polo writes of its magical powers. Even Mahatma Gandhi called it a “secret force” that helped him when fasting.

Cleopatra who, by the way, was Greek and not Egyptian, applied aloe vera to her skin on a daily basis.  She also outlined her eyes with black kohl, applied blush to her cleavage to make her breasts look rounder and used perfumes made of rose and cinnamon (Cleo liked perfume so much that Marc Anthony gave her a perfume factory).

Cleopatra and Aloe Vera by Cynthia KorzekwaTo meet Cesare, she had herself rolled up in a carpet which was then unfurled in front of him.  How could the middle-aged Roman not be impressed?

I, too, have a middle-aged Roman to impress.  That’s why I use aloe vera every day!

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