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During the Age of Reconfiguration, looking in the mirror can sometimes be a traumatic experience. Some women just shrug their shoulders at the signs of aging whereas others put their face in the hands of a plastic surgeon. But many … Continue reading

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Propagating Friendship

Summer before last as we were getting ready to leave Paros, my neighbor and adopted sister, Angeliki, gave me some cuttings from her canna lilies. I carefully wrapped them and replanted them once back in Rome. One part I planted … Continue reading

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Aloe on Paros

I love aloe and have a lot growing at our home on Paros.  When we arrived  this spring, many of the plants had flowered.  Incredibly beautiful. The aloe vera (as opposed to the maculata in the foto) is one of the … Continue reading

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Give your plants a smile

For sometime time now, I’ve been collecting information re: plants and how they can be beneficial for our health. As most of us are now faced with the challenge of living with less, medicinal plants, as opposed to expensive man-made drugs, … Continue reading

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Cleopatra and Aloe Vera

My mom use to keep a pot of aloe vera on the front porch. It was there in case of burns generally related to cooking accidents. I have already written about aloe but am doing so again because of its … Continue reading

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