Walking Past the Past

Day 5

My walk continues past the port.

Port of Paros

 Port of Paros, boat to Krios Beach

boat to Antiparos

 Port of Paros, boat to Antiparos

At the port there are also boats that go to Krios Beach as well as boats that go to Antiparos.  Antiparos is Paros’ “little sister” and is about a 20 minute boat ride away. Tom Hanks has a summer home there but Antiparos is better known for its cave (with Lord Byron’s signature) and for the archeological site of Despotiko where alot of digs have been going on in recent years.

Paros’ wealth in the past was due to its marble quarries because the marble was considered to be of such good quality.  That’s why the Louvre’s Nike of Samotrace was made from Parian marble. In Parikia there’s an archeological museum with alot of interesting artifacts. My favorite is the gorgon.  

gorgon on Paros

But you don’t even have to go to the museum to enjoy Parian antiquities.  Just further up the road next to the super market is the Ancient Cemetary “active” from the 8th cen. to the 2nd cen. A.D. There are a number of marble sarcophagi visible from the sidewalk.

Ancient Cemetary, Paros

Ancient Cemetary, Paros

Ancient Cemetary, Paros

 The Past 

My mantra for today comes from Manu Chao’s “Bongo Bongo” and it’s: I’m so happy there’s nobody in my place instead of me. No explanation needed.


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2 Responses to Walking Past the Past

  1. ounoginiri says:

    I love your mantra of today and the cemetary at parikia. Thank you for the post!!!!

  2. Efharisto Irini! Can’t wait to meet you in person!!!

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