Walking A Straight Line

Day 6

past port. ParosMy walk changes drastically after the port going towards Livadia.  Finally, a boardwalk and the chance to stop zig-zagging and walk a straight line.

Livadia, Paros

This sidewalk often is populated by fishermen sitting on the ground mending their nets. Mending is something I’ve often blogged about both for environmental and aesthetic reasons (see HERE).  But these men aren’t being trendy when they mend. They do it simply because you aren’t going to catch any fish if you have a hole in your net.

ducks on Paros

Maybe the  fishermen feed these ducks some of their catch as the ducks are always there.  So many tourists have photographed them that their images exists all over the world!

fishermen on Paros

I’ve been told that many of the fishermen are Egyptian.  If they aren’t mending their nets, they can be seen hanging laundry or eating a meal on their boats.  So often I’ve felt like taking their foto but don’t because it seems kind of rude.

fishermen mending nets on Paros


I love the Parian hills cluttered with sugar cube houses.

 infographic fish

There is a major decline of fish in the sea.


Today’s mantra comes from Toto’s “Hold The Line” and is simply Hold The Line. Because “hold the line” basically means “don’t give up”.


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