The Tamarisk

Day 8

My daily walks to Krios continue.

from afar, Krios Beach

My destination is right in front of me.

Blue Star leaving Paros

But, luckily, not everyone has the same destination.

Livadia, Paros

In the distance, you can see a row of tamarisk trees creating shade for the sidewalk.

Livadia Beach, Paros

Not everyone shares the same kind of shade.

palm tables at Livadia

Two years ago, the red beetle plagued the palms of Paros and many had to be destroyed.  This one was born again in the form of tables.

Tamarisks at Livadia

Tamarisks at Livadia.

If I were to write an ode to a tree, it would be to the tamarisk. (As you can see, I’ve already written about them HERE). The tamarisks have long slender branches and even longer tap roots than can suck up water that’s deep in the ground.  They even like the salty water found near the sea and for this reason populate so many beaches. I am grateful for their presence as their shade shelters me from the harshness of the sun.

tamarigi drawing

The mantra for today comes from The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter”. In this song, we’re warned that war is just a shot away and life is threatened. Today, in life outside of the song, there are so many wars going on and indications of an even bigger one to come. Shelter is needed by a multitude of people and in a heavy duty way.  I am lucky and have that shelter.  So my mantra today is a prayer of gratitude:  “I have shelter, I have shelter”  chanted with a smile on my face.

In this version, Lisa Fischer  lays on the vibrations!

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Volver the cat

And many thanks to Pier for taking Volver to the vet while I took my walk!

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2 Responses to The Tamarisk

  1. jo says:

    Michael Moore started a blog about walking . I have enjoyed your walking tales and learning more about Paros and take your thoughts on my walks in Australia. If people can unite through walking why can we not make some magic happen to stop these wars? People are on the move everywhere around the world with nowhere to belong. It reminds me of the deterrents put all over buildings to stop pigeons perching. They just fly til they fall out of the sky.

  2. Kalimera Jo! Thanks so much for telling me about Michael Moore’s walks! If more people would take walks, they could get rid of a lot of personal anxiety, mellow out and produce less hate. Totally agree with you Jo!

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