On The Road Again

Day 7

I started this series of posts by stating that walking can be a spiritual practice.  My walks are not about arriving at Krios as much as they are about walking and what happens to me from within when I walk…The Journey Is The Destination.

Livadia from afar, Paros

It takes me about 30 minutes to get from here to there.

map of Paros

Map of Paros at the Marina

Marina at Livadia, Paros

Marina at Livadia, Paros

Boats at the Marina have names like Eleni, Jannis, Anastasia, Apostolis, ΑΓΙΟΣ ΦΩΚΑΣ (St. Phokas), το όνειρό μας (our dream), το κύμα (the wave) and άνεμος (wind).

Blue Star, another departure from Paros

Blue Star ferry, another departure from Paros

taverna at Livadia, Paros

Taverna with a view of docked boats

Taverna Octopus, Paros

The fotos for these posts have been taken with a very standard Noikia mobile phone (no smart phone or tablet for me) and, obviously, are of very poor quality.  So I try to jazz them up with my limited Photoshop skills which basically means turning up the tonality and using the oil painting filter. While I’m doing all this abracadabra, I often listen to YouTube documentaries. This morning’s documentary was about DMT experimentation. DMT is a psychedelic compound that can be produced in labs but it’s produced in the human brain for reasons unknown.  It’s also found in plants used by Amazon natives (see ayahuasca).

In this particular video, people who had participated in the DMT experimentation, explained the sensations they had had. Many of these sensations, for me, were rather spooky but most said at a certain point they felt time no longer existed and that they were one with the universe. This made me think of some similarities found with the teachings of Buddha and of Jesus…the Divine is to be found within us for we are created in the image of God. And this leads to our search for  The Way.

There is a universe inside us all to discover and, while walking, I try to find the road to that universe.

My mantra for today comes from Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” and is “[I’m] Seein’ things that I may never see again.”  The road stays the same but it’s not always travelled in the same way.  Panta Rei.  


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2 Responses to On The Road Again

  1. ounoginiri says:

    This venue remembered me a hand made signe in a pablic garden in athens saying “ολα ειναι δρομος” like a mandra the saying has a lot of meanings.

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