Swaying Like Bamboo

Day 12

Blu Lounge in the distance, Paros

getting closer all the time

Chapel by The Sea, Paros

a little chapel by the sea

Rock Wall, Paros

another rock in the wall

near Parian Village, Paros

Near the Parian Village

Fig Tree near Parian village

Wild Fig On The Road

Bamboo, Paros

Bamboo growing in front of the Parian Village Hotel

Bamboo knows how to sway and this keeps it from breaking. Thus being rigid does not make someone strong. It makes them obtuse.

What’s important is to be well-rooted because roots keep you anchored.  Exploration is fundamental in life but one should never stray too far from their essence.

Bamboo has been around for about 7,000 years.  It’s an extremely versatile plant and is used for construction, food, medicine, etc. Bamboo can also detox corrupted soil. It’s been around for so long because it knows how to adapt.

Bamboo can teach us the difference between resilience and resistance.

To maintain my ontology, I must learn to absorb the blows.


 The Bamboo that bends is stronger than the Oak that resists. – Japanese Proverb

towards Blu Lounge, Paros

 In the distance, the Blu Lounge

Inspired by bamboo, the mantra today comes from the song “Sway”.

Sway sway sway. Om. Sway sway sway.


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