Foraging on Paros

Day 17

Promontory, Paros

Because there’s more and more people and less and less natural resources, feeding everyone is already a problem and will become even a bigger one in the not too distant future.  So while on the promontory, I look around to see if there’s anything edible, anything foragable.

Promontory, Paros

It’s August and thus most everything is dried out and brown.  But during the spring nature is generous and the area is full of wild plants including sage, oregano, thyme, milk thistle (great for the liver thus good to take if you’ve had too much alcohol), cactus and helichrysum.

On the path, there’s a carob tree, wild fig and bamboo (bamboo shoots are edible). I’ve also seen chamomile in Livadia, some wild greens like horta (amaranth), and a plant that looks like plantain, too.

wreath from herbs, Paros

 the wreath on my door is made from wild herbs like thyme and oregano collected here on Paros

So why not find out what’s foragable in your neighborhood? If you’re from my hometown, San Antonio, you might want to read FREE FOOD: FORAGING IN SAN ANTONIO.

Bebina and foraging


Paros Plant

Edible Ice plant

As for today’s mantra, I will first say that I simply adore the PLAYING FOR CHANGE idea and should use more of their videos for my mantras.  The idea of people all over the world getting together to sing creates harmony in more ways than one.

Keith Richards’  “Words of Wonder” is the point of departure for today’s mantra.  It’s a rather naughty little song but does have the phrase “giving thanks and praise” in it. And nature is to be thanked for all that she gives us.


Thank you Thank you. OM Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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if you are interested in learning more about foraging and edible weeds, try the Eat The Weeds youTube channel

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