Backtracking and Walking on Rocks

Day 18

The other day, while putting my walking sandals back on at Mar Tango, I left my notebook behind.  When I discovered the loss, I had to backtrack quite a bit to recover it.  This put me behind my time schedule so, once on Krios Beach, I took my swim near the camping site which meant, to get into the sea, I had to walk on rocks.


lost then found notebook

Backtracking is something we’ve all done at one time or another.  In Italian, there’s the expression “tornare sui propri passi” which means retrace your own steps because, for some reason, you must start over again. Often this saying is used when someone has realized they’ve been wrong about something so, as a result, must make a change. Reflection often inspires this kind of change.

I’ve been keeping notebooks for years.  Moleskins are for home and tiny ones like the one above are for my purse.  Strange as it may seem, I feel naked without one. And as long as I have a notebook and a pen, I feel at home wherever I am. To lose a notebook would be to lose all of the ideas and observations I’ve written down which would be like losing a private patrimony.

Keeping notebooks is a form of backtracking because your write something down so that you can retrace it in your mind at a later date.

 Below are a few sketchbooks and notebooks by others that I find interesting:


The Shanky cargo nicholas stevenson

Nicholas Stevenson Sketchbooks

Stephanie K, Birdsong

Stephanie K. Birdsong via shoulda-woulda-coulda

Francesca Woodman's notebook

Francesca Woodman‘s notebook

Dieter Roth Diaries

Dieter Roth Diaries

cynthia korzekwa

The Sketchbooks of Cynthia Korzekwa

Today’s mantra comes from the Allman Brothers Band “Blue Sky” and it’s “I’m just walking down the road”. And that’s exactly what I’m doing–just walking down the road because the sky above  follows me wherever I go.


Walk down the road. Om. Walk down the road.

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