Take a Walk On the Wild Side

Day 21

Promontory, Paros

Every day  Immanuel Kant took a walk at exactly 5 p.m.  He was so punctual that it was said you could set your watch by him.  He kept this routine up for years. But one day, Kant ignored the routine for one simple  reason: he couldn’t detach himself from a book that he was reading, “Emile” by Rousseau.

Promontory, Paros

Without a doubt, walking helped Kant maintain a certain interior equilibrium. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasing  difficult for people to discipline their emotions. Mainstream media does little more than talk about all the anger and its aftermath that’s out there.  The world seems to be dominated by those wild with rage.

Promontory, Paros

So where does all this anger come from?  Contrast is the point of departure for anger–contrast with others as well as contrast with the self. And the inability to deal with it.

Promontory, Paros

Sometimes anger is necessary and mandatory.  But sometimes it’s just a chronic behavior.

Promontory, Paros

So the best thing to do when you’re angry (or depressed) is to take a walk. Walking can help flush out  toxic emotions.

Promontory, Paros

You can’t be angry and happy at the same time. Happiness is a skill and, like any other skill, requires an investment of time and energy.  So, instead of being angry, why not learn to be happy?

"happy" by cynthia korzekwa

Today’s mantra doesn’t come from Lou Reed’sTake A Walk On the Wild Side” but from Keith Richard ( Mr. It’s great to be here, it’s great to be anywhere) and his “Happy”.


I am happy. OM. Happy I am.

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