Walking with mantras and mudras

Day 20

Blue Star from promontory, Paros

I take mantras and mudras with me on my walks to Krios.


The mantras I post everyday are Do-It-Yourself mantras that are meant to keep thoughts going in a certain direction.  However, true mantra meditation originates from the Vedas and goes back as far as 5000 years.  Mantras are based on the science of ”Naad”, the science of sound.

promontory, Paros

Mantras are considered sacred sounds that come from the vibration of vocal chords. All creation is based on vibratory energy. That’s why some have interpreted the Bible’s verse ”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”  (John 1:1) as meaning that the universe was created with sound.

There are secrets hidden in sound.  The upper palate of our mouth has 84 meridian points and the making of certain sounds causes the tongue to hit these points. The resulting vibration is used to stimulate specific parts of the brain. Mantras can change the brain’s chemistry.

promontory, Paros


Nerves are like wires that, via neural pathways,  carry signals from various parts of the body to the brain.  The fingertips are full of nerve endings thus are a concentration of potential energy. Mudras, by touching fingertips with other fingertips, represent the knowledge of how to awaken and redirect this energy and use it for both physical and mental health.

promontory, Paros

One of the most common mudras is the Gyan Mudra where the thumb pad touches the pad of the index finger and the other fingers extend upwards. This mudra combats stress, anger and insomnia.

Jesus mudra

The Prithvi Mudra is formed by having the thumb touch the ring finger. It’s used to fight chronic fatigue, inflammatory disease, hair loss, and much more but is of particular interest in that many paintings of Jesus show him making a Prithvi mudra.  Maybe because the Prithvi Mudra is also a sign of benediction.

While walking, I make a Shuni mudra (the thumbing touch the middle finger). It is the patience mudra and the one I rely upon  when I go to the dentist as it helps keep me calm.

The mantra for today comes from Fatboy Slim’s  “Weapon of Choice.”

If you walk without rhythm, you never learn. OM. Walk with rhythm. Walk with rhythm. OM. Walk with rhythm. 

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3 Responses to Walking with mantras and mudras

  1. Mont Serrat says:

    bellissimo.. mi è piaciuto molto questo post, e me lo rileggevo.. brava!
    voglio fare dei mudras parte della mia vita quotidiana..
    grazie.. Besitos

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