Decluttering Los Ojos

Recently, the Broken Windows Theory made the rounds on Facebook. The theory claims that, to avoid crime and vandalism, an environment needs to be free of disorder. Not at all a new idea, the theory is based on the fact that a car with broken windows is more likely to be vandalized than a car without broken windows. Just like it’s more likely that someone will litter in an area already full of trash.

Los Ojos studio, Rome

an experiment making flowers from plastic bottles with a plant stand found at the dumpster

Well I don’t have any broken windows at my studio (Los Ojos) but I do have a lot of clutter. Since I work primarily with recycled materials, it’s easy to accumulate thinking: Hey, I can use this to make something! Plus I do much experimenting which means many unfinished projects.

Los Ojos, Rome

the frame from an abandoned chair covered with crocheted plastic

On one of my walk’s to Krios this summer, I decided it was time to reorganize my studio as a form of personal renewal.

There are so many benefits that come from decluttering and reorganizing. For one, it helps you let go of the past so you can focus on the present and make room for the future. Decluttering also gives you more freedom as it’s easier to clean and easier to find things once order is established.

Los Ojos, Rome

many papier mache projects, finished and not

And a decluttered space creates room for energy to flow. Feng shui stresses the importance of providing space for Chi (energy). Because the more things you have, the more obstacles your Chi has to affront.

As an artist working with materials, it will be impossible for me to have a perfect feng shui space. But I can get rid of a bunch of dead weight.  So, after a quick souvenir foto, anything layered with dust now goes to the dumpster. And just after a few day of decluttering, I already feel euphoric.


Los Ojos, Rome

an unfinished Bebina Bunny and many plastic bottle compositions meant to sustain small artworks

Los Ojos, Rome

a broken mirror framed by soda cans

Los Ojos, Rome

jars with flower tops made from plastic bottles and light bulbs

Los Ojos, Rome

a plastic bottle composition

Los Ojos, Rome

painted plastic…a corner in my studio many many years ago….this Zen like look no longer exists.  But it was the beginning of my dedication to recycling and I still had much trash to collect!

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8 Responses to Decluttering Los Ojos

  1. miki pappas says:

    Can anyone send a project? Where can I send it too.? I love reading your stuff and am thrilled when your in my Inbox! Thanks

  2. Ooh, i wish it would’ve been possible to take some of the “junque” off your hands! There’s nothing like a good purge and organize ~ how wonderful that you’re feeling euphoric! i completely understand. My kids think it’s funny just how happy order can make me. Packrats, that’s what i say. 🙂

  3. Jeannette says:

    What a fun post…and I can relate. I have a room that needs this treatment. It might be fun for you to photograph your studio in stages as you get into a project…I bet that order is hard to maintain when you are in full swing!

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