A bright sun shiny day


via veneto, roma

It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a car. I prefer walking or taking the tram. Or having my Mr. Big chauffeur me around on his mega scooter. I can hold on tight as he zig zags around the traffic. It’s nice not having to watch the road looking, instead, at the world that wraps itself around me.

What a wonderful bright sun shiny day!

Many thanks plus many more for all the birthday wishes that were like candles on my cake!

Roma Roma Roma Roma

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6 Responses to A bright sun shiny day

  1. lyn shakespeare says:

    Glad you had a beautiful birthday in my favourite city xxxxx\

  2. maggielemay says:

    Love your posts. And today’s has cheered me up as it is cold and damp here in Scotland.

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