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The first thing I do every morning is go out on the terrace to look at the plants.  It gives me a buzz.  This morning there was a closed hibiscus that, abracadabra, right before my eyes opened up.

Years ago I read that hibiscus tea was good for your health mainly because of the Vitamin C.  So I would pick up fallen hibiscus flowers to make tea. The results were horrific so I stopped doing it. Obviously my technique needed improvement.

After reading how hibiscus tea is good for high blood pressure and cholesterol, I decided to go to internet and research some more.  There’s much information out there but also much disinformation so what to do?


One recipe says to take an opened flower (must be red) and, after removing the stamen, place it in a mug, cover with boiling water, let steep for c. 3-5 minutes (no more or it will taste bitter), then sweeten with honey.

I have a problem with cutting off a beautiful flower just to make a cup of tea.  Maybe I will experiment with fallen flowers that have been dried out and sterilized by the sun. And I may add cinnamon stick or ginger for  some extra pazazz.

Hibiscus leaves are also said to be beneficial and are used in Ayurveda medicine for coughs, grey hair, and bad moods.

Nature has a medicine chest out there just waiting to be opened.


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2 Responses to Hibiscus

  1. Claudia Goodridge says:

    I’m just experimenting with “flor de Jamaica” which is a dried hibiscus flower. One makes tea with it. I live in California so it’s available at local Mexican markets. Dried and inexpensive. Sweetened a bit after brewing, with agave syrup, then over ice with muddled blackberries, lime juice, and club soda. It can be brewed with ginger or other additions. One could add tequila, but I haven’t tried that yet. Very refreshing, and if it’s healthy too, so much the better. Love your work…would love to see more of your fabric creations. You inspire me every time I see them. Best, CG

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