Sunrise or Sunset

Often  I post links on FB to the articles I publish here.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get 20 likes. If I’m lucky.  So, if ever I feel “liked”  deprived, all I have to do is post a photo of Volver, our cat.  His photos get tons of likes.

Volver the Cat

The other day I posted a photo of a sunrise as seen from our balcony.  As with Volver, the sunrise was a big success.

Sunrise on Paros

Sunset photos are also quite popular. Here on Paros, one of the favorite evening activities is that of having an aperitif at one of the many seaside bars facing the west. When the sun starts going down, tourists will jump to their feet and start clicking their cell phones which most already have in their hands. It would appear that photographing the sunset is more exciting than actually watching it.

There is nothing really unique about a sunset or a sunrise…they happen every day.  What makes it unique is experiencing it. Of course, they are more dramatic by the sea because the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon line. There is something very existential about seeing the sun vanish right before your eyes.

Coming or Going?

Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan called twilight the crack between two worlds because it represents the realm between one perception of the world and another (see A Magical Journey by Carlos Castaneda). So now I know why they’re called the Twilight Years…. You live your life in between here and there.


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