Adapting to the New Me

Age transforms us and it’s not always easy to adapt to this change. That’s why when I look in the mirror, who do I see?  Sometimes it’s her, sometimes it’s me. (via Cool Breeze)

Boo b

Photos from Advanced Style give me the impression that I’m not aging properly.  I don’t wear bows or bangles or eccentric shoes or all the colours of the rainbow.  When I go out to shop for groceries or take my daily walk, my basic winter look is always the same—practical and total black save for my neck scarf. However, in my defence, I never leave the house without earrings, eyeliner and perfume.  The basics.

The other morning on my walk I was intrigued by the trees that lined the sidewalk.  Same trees, same sidewalk but with many differences. Some trees seem to be more disciplined and self-contained whereas others are rebellious and crack the asphalt. Some trees wing adaptation on their own. Others have external intervention.

City Sidewalk

Adapting is about interrelating with the world around you.  Some of us adapt actively.  Others passively. Nazism is a good example.

Had Darwin had been walking with me, maybe he would have said: It doesn’t matter how you adapt as long as you survive. But survival has its nuances.

Adapting to change has so many variables that it can’t be standardized. And today I feel like cracking the asphalt.

City Sidewalk


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8 Responses to Adapting to the New Me

  1. My daughter who lives across the country sent me the Advanced Style photos with a suggestion I might want to break out and become “a senior savvy fashionista.” I won’t be breaking any style barriers anytime soon, but I do love to shake things up. Cheers to us ladies that like to crack the asphalt!

  2. As always, the photos are gorgeous and the observations are trenchant!

  3. pao says:

    You go girl. I know you’ll be/ have been cracking open the space you need for yourself.

  4. lk says:

    Nice, Cynthia!

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