Awake with Pythagoras

Cool Breeze, the age of reconfiguration

Pythagoras told his devotees: Let sleep not come upon thy languid eyes until the day’s actions have been reviewed. And, if  you’ve done something wrong, you should feel great alarm within. So the other night I got in bed and started thinking about my day. Realizing that I’d made a few mistakes, the Great Alarm went off and I couldn’t fall asleep.

The next day I was tired and made even more mistakes. This led me to create a theorem of my own: Sleep, don’t think because insomnia is not conducive to good behaviour.

I have already posted about remedies for insomnia HERE. However, since posting, I’ve found another means of inducing sleep. It’s quite simple and, for me, works 90% of the time.

Cool Breeze, the age of reconfiguration

While lying down, inhale expanding the diaphragm as much as possible.  Hold your breath for two counts then exhale with your lips pursed. Push out all of the air by pulling in your belly. You should start yawning.  Repeat 5 times then focus on positive and not negative thoughts. It generally takes me c. 5 minutes to fall asleep afterwards.

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