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Hugh and I were sitting in a sleazy bar on Sunset Blvd drinking martinis. It was one of those “let’s see how the other half lives” nights.  I’d told Hugh that no book could teach him as much about people … Continue reading

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Tallulah Bankhead and Insomnia

Tallulah Bankhead suffered from insomnia. It was easier for her to fall asleep if one of her gay friends held her hand. Their contact worked better than drugs. -30-

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Awake with Pythagoras

Pythagoras told his devotees: Let sleep not come upon thy languid eyes until the day’s actions have been reviewed. And, if  you’ve done something wrong, you should feel great alarm within. So the other night I got in bed and … Continue reading

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Sleep and your Feet

For Fluffy If you suffer from insomnia, why not give yourself  a foot massage before going to bed? The benefits of such a massage are many. Foot massages improve blood circulation which means nutrients flow and toxins  are eliminated. They … Continue reading

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